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hand-written compliments

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i love to practice calligraphy.

it’s a hobby i’ve discovered in the past six months.

why am i telling you this?

because i want you to know a little more about me.

ok, that’s not really the reason.

i guess the best way to answer my question is to ask you a question:

“how often do you think negative thoughts about yourself?”

i know. it’s rather shocking if you think about it.

all day long you give compliments to other people.

come on, i know you do.

so why shouldn’t you give yourself a compliment every once and a while?

i think you deserve it.

but let’s be honest: it’s way more fun to get them from other people.

so that’s exactly what i’ve done today.

i decided to handwrite you not one, not two, but three compliments about yourself.

if you don’t want to think of them as compliments (i know some of you get embarrassed, think of them as truthful statements sent in your direction.)

feel better about it? good.

the first note says, “you’re a butterfly.”

how is that a compliment, you ask?

butterflies take time to mature.

they live their lives trying to figure out where they fit in the world. one day, they build a cocoon (get some serious ‘beauty sleep’) and emerge as their true self.

that’s exactly what you’re doing in recovery: you were lost and trying to find where you fit in with the world and eventually, realized there’s more to life. rehab and seeking help would be your cocoon and when the process finishes, you emerge as yourself: a beautiful, perfect butterfly.

regardless of where you are in your recovery, or simply thinking about it, i want you to know you are a butterfly.

you are perfect.

the second note says, “beauty has no value.”

i know exactly what you’re thinking, “i value it.”

but think past the surface meaning, notice the picture of the scale at the top.

beauty has no numeric value.

there is no scale to determine what beauty truly is. 

your perception of the word is probably a little different than mine.

it’s unique to the individual; just as you are to the world.

look at jennifer lawrence or beyoncé, are either one of those women pencil thin? are they ready for the catwalk?

so what makes them beautiful?

both celebrities are unique and confident in herself, both traits which radiate to the world.

whether you’re a size 2 or 22, you are beautiful.

just like age, weight is only a number.

the final note is my favorite compliment to relay, “you are beautiful.”

i promise, it’s 100% true.

there is no one like you and there will never be anyone quite like you again.

ever. in the history of this world.

that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

no matter what color your hair is, what color your skin is, what size your shirt is:

you are beautiful.

i can’t tell you enough.

so i challenge you to keep spreading the love.

don’t let these compliments end with you.

tell someone in the next hour they’re a beautiful person and i guarantee, your words will make their day a little brighter.

so love yourself, love the life you’re living, love the life you have.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to receive compliments.




demi lovato: speaking out

Imagedemi lovato came out about her bulimia, depression, bi-polararity and struggles with self-harm about two years ago.

since then, there has been an mtv special made about her, a new album released regarding her struggles and so much light shed on eating disorders and mental disorders similar to it.

many girls nation-wide have been inspired by her story and checked into clinics for help.

demi went through a horrible experience and turned it into something good.

you have gone through a horrible experience and can turn it into something good.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to be an inspiration.

jennifer lawrence: the true oscar beauty

220px-85th_Academy_Awards_Posterahhhh the oscars.

the night that movies take center stage and the entire world stops to gather around their television set to see just who had that special something to capture the attention of the academy.

it’s also the night that all eyes focus on the fashion of the stars.

“who’s she wearing?”

“can you imagine your jewelry costing that much?”

“he looks so handsome in that tux.”

don’t you wish all conversation stopped there.

don’t you wish you didn’t focus on their physical appearance?

i do.

so often i think thoughts such as:

“she has gained so much weight.”

“her skin doesn’t look as good as it did last year.”

“why did she choose that dress, her arms look gigantic.”

however, after all is said and done, i’ve been extremely proud of one actress.

one actress has thumbed the tabloids and the snide remarks made about her physical appearance.

one actress is the role model of thousands of teenage girls and women alike.

jennifer lawrence.

jennifer-lawrence-oscars-2013-red-carpetat the red carpet, she wore a light pink strapless dress. it was simple and innocent and stunning.

but what blew me away was her confidence.

her ability to believe in her beauty.

her real woman beauty.

jennifer is different than other movie stars.

she isn’t a size 0.

she has hips.

she is a fit, healthy and beautiful woman.

lawrence has gotten upset about having her body airbrushed in magazine cover post-production.

as you can see in this before and after from a glamour campaign, lawrence’s body is completely transformed.

even her face shape is changed.

no wonder women are constantly chasing an unrealistic body image.

as jennifer has shown us, it doesn’t exist.

personally, i couldn’t be more proud of her last night.

she allowed a dress to show she is a real woman.

she allowed the world to see she’s proud of who she is.

she’s allowed the world to see she’s comfortable in her own skin.

she’s proving to women that all bodies are beautiful.

she’s proving that you are beautiful.

she’s proving you deserve to love the body you have.

the queen b herself: learning to love all body types

Imagethis past sunday was the nfl superbowl. for those of you who follow me and are not from the united states, this is the largest american football game of the year. it’s essentially the world cup, for the united states’ football league.

for americans, the super bowl is a chance to gather with friends, eat some junk food, and watch one of the year’s most expensive televised events.

as a woman, i don’t know much about football. i’ll be the first to admit that. i also don’t care about the game very much. i’ll also be the first to admit that.

i know what you’re thinking: you promised me a blog about eating disorder recovery. why are you boring me with football?

patience, young grasshopper.

in the middle of the game, there is always a halftime show. a major artist, or group, performs for twenty minutes and gives the viewing audience a concert, while the players take a rest.

this year i was particularly excited for the guest performer. she is currently one of the music industry’s most successful artists and is a true musician.


sometimes one word just sums everything up.

i’m not here to talk about her performance (which was amazing.) i’m not here to talk about her dancing (which was spot on.)

i’m here to talk about her image.

that night, beyoncé took the stage wearing a form-fitting, black lace leotard. as she hit her beginning pose, the entire world got a glimpse of her curvy, healthy figure.


what made beynoncé’s performance stand out to me? the comments on social media. twitter was filled with comments 

regarding her beauty, her full thighs, her curves, her butt and her confidence.

how many of you would feel comfortable getting up in front of millions in such a revealing outfit? i know i wouldn’t.

that’s what makes her a fantastic role model to all women; she is not afraid of not conforming to society’s view of beauty.

in the 1950s, marilyn monroe was considered to be one of the most beautiful women, who ever lived. women wanted to be her, men wanted to date her… why do you think that was?

her confidence. her fearlessness to show her true colors and be proud of every curve on her body.

in hollywood, only one body type is showcased as beautiful. women with high cheekbones, full busts, toned arms, small flat waists, sculpted behinds and size 0 pants are “socially acceptable.”

so what does that mean for the rest of us?

by society’s definition, that would make beyoncé ugly because she doesn’t fit every category.

well if that’s the case, then society’s on crack.

beyoncé, marilyn monroe and so many other famous women have proved beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

if both men and women were able to see beyoncé’s beauty last sunday, what’s stopping you from seeing yours?

i know it’s hard. i’ve struggled for over five years with the concept that i can in fact be beautiful. but it can be done.

you have to allow yourself to see the good in you. that’s the first step. i promise, other people see you as perfection everyday.

so embrace your thighs. love your stomach. be thankful you have curves.

because somewhere out there: a woman is wishing she looked just like you.

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