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time travel

i was recently looking at some photos of myself for an upcoming “throwback thursday.”

as i was remembering the captured moment, i couldn’t help thinking:

until time travel exists, live each day with no regrets.

until time travel exists, live each day with no regrets.

“wow. i looked so happy.”

happiness is a good thing.

everyone should experience happiness.

but as i got to more recent pictures, i saw the happiness go away and the eating disorder show through.

i noticed how thin i was and how beautiful i looked.

and i continued to remember how miserable i was, in the moment.

i remembered how i wished i was dead and that i would not wake up the next morning.

i remembered the pain i felt.

time travel is a funny thing, that humans have contemplated for centuries.

what if we had the ability to go back and relive events with the knowledge we know now?

as amazing as that would be, it doesn’t exist.

there is no magical invention that will let any of us have a “do over.”

that’s why we have to live in the moment and enjoy everyday.

someday we’ll be older and looking back on right now, maybe on this very day.

do you want to remember the good or be filled with regrets?

maybe science will allow us to time travel in the future.

however, until that day comes, live your life in a way that you’ll be proud of, when you’re looking back.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to have no regrets. 

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