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summer body doesn’t mean summer starving

i love summer.

you love summer.

i think it’s safe to say most people love the extra sunshine and the warmer weather.

b0d6fcaf01821cd7f0498b8e5e5fd379but, summer can be incredibly difficult for someone suffering from, or recovering from, an eating disorder.

the clothes get thinner, the clothes get smaller and swimsuit season is here.

speaking as a woman, bikini season is stressful enough, but throw an eating disorder on there and it gets even more complicated.

like so many with anorexia, bulimia or ednos, i suffer from bdd or body dysmorphic disorder.

bdd magnifies “body imperfections” and mass it difficult to function sometimes because a person becomes obsessed with their “flaws.”

this makes wearing shorts, tank tops and, you guessed it: swimsuits really challenging.

no matter what someone tells me, i still view myself in a way in which everyone else doesn’t.

no matter what people say, i still view myself as very overweight.

it’s not just me, many people feel this way.

you might even feel this way.

it’s because so many people share these thoughts i believed this post was necessary.

over the past few weeks, my twitter feed has been filled with anon accounts challenging each other the fast and achieve a “perfect summer body.”

“summer starving equals a summer body.”

i’ve been there.

i’ve done that.

it doesn’t work.

no matter how much weight you lose, you’ll never be truly happy with your weight.

there will always be “one more pound” to lose.

there will always be “one jean size smaller” to fit into.

love your body; it's already perfect.

love your body; it’s already perfect.

but you’ll never get this summer back.

trust me, i’ve wasted so many summers saying no to bbq’s in the backyard and “maybe another time” to a scoop of ice cream with friends; all because i was afraid to gain weight.

all because i was afraid to not have the “perfect summer body.”

let me tell you something: you already have the perfect beach body.

you already look amazing.

wanna know how i know?

because it’s your body.

you are perfect just the way you are and therefore, your body is perfect just the way it is.

i challenge you to make the most of summer 2014 and enjoy every minute.

everything is fine in moderation, so say yes to your favorite summer treat once in a while.

you already have a “flawless figure.”

you are beautiful.

you deserve to enjoy that ice cream cone.


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