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10 examples of positive recovery inspiration

i’ve said this many times before:

i’m a pinterest addict.

while i was browsing recovery boards, i noticed there were some tagged posts that weren’t conducive to a recovering mind.

recovery is a difficult time when you’re trying to set new habits and change old ways of thinking.

you’re there now.

i’m there now.

so, i decided to compile ten of my favorite positive recovery inspirations from pinterest and post them here.

you're amazing. i mean it.

1. “you are a survivor and that is amazing”

you are changing your life.

you are changing your thoughts.

you could have given up, but you’re choosing to stay strong and keep going.

you’re an inspiration.

i mean it.

recovery is amazing and so are you.


b1b807a4d05013d57b52c954342d6c592. “one of the hardest things was learning i was worth recovery.” -demi lovato

demi has inspired thousands of people around the world through speaking openly about her struggles with self-harm and her bulimia.

i believe this is truly the hardest concept to accept while changing myself:

everyone is worth life and recovery.

that includes you, promise.

4d5f3d85803528933952ae31a3cfbdf13. “life is to short for self-hatred and celery sticks”

with bikini season right around the corner, summer is a very triggering time to be in recovery.

the urge to restrict and starve is very overwhelming.

sometimes it seems easier to say “no” to the ice cream cone and say “yes” to an empty stomach.

i challenge you to love yourself this summer.

i promise, someone is wishing they could have your body this summer.

411ff9e9a8a211f22c1a15b7907824094. “sometimes what looks like the end is really a wonderful new beginning”

someone told me once:

“you can’t move forward until you hit rock bottom.”

i completely agree, 100 percent.

sometimes hope comes to us in the strangest of ways.

sometimes hope comes to us in the strangest of times.

sometimes just as you’re ready to give up, just as you’re ready to give up hope:

a new beginning is presenting itself to you.

there’s more to life than the checkered flag at the end of the race.

8cbb2561bcb5bbc5cc5b3e2ec955222d5. “i will smile because i am alive another day… and because i’m one step closer to being happy and healthy”

counting calories may seem just as natural as breathing.

starving your body may seem just as familiar as blinking.

today, i challenge you to to feed your body and feed your soul.

fill up your tummy with good nutrients and fill up your mind with kind thoughts.

you’ve been given a gift of a new day; smile and be joyful.

db224d79dc6626b15ac83aaf67671b956. “relapse is not the same thing as failure. the only possible way to fail is to give up”

we all will mess up.

it’s part of being human and learning.

relapse is a very real thing, and each of us will go back to our old ways and thinking at some point.

don’t give up just because you have a bad day.

one bad day doesn’t equal a bad life; try again tomorrow.

7f2dcb988da09d670deb711f4c2744e57. “the moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. don’t give up”

imagine the most difficult moment of your life so far.

got it?

think about what happened later.

*spoiler alert: things got better.*

trust me, i know.

nothing stays bad forever, miracles are right around the corner.

your life is a miracle, so it’s time to start believing in them.

860382171cc862779eae5294951bf50a8. “everyday may not be good… but there is something good in everyday”

we all have bad days.

eating disorder or not, it’s life.

however, it’s about how we view bad days that allow us to change our perspective.

you can’t always choose how things go, but you can choose how you approach life.

maybe it’s raining and you have to wait for the bus.

but maybe there are beautiful tulips planted right next to the bus stop.

there’s good in everything and everyone.

seek and you shall find.

9b0f2d11817f5674ef02eb3c77e0be169. “the enemy does not stand a chance when its victim decides to survive” -rae smith

in this case, the enemy is you mind.

your negative thoughts, your anger and self-hate: they’re all plotted against you.

but recovery is the hero.

you’ve chosen to side with the right side and are proving the enemy wrong everyday.

you’re a survivor.

you’re stronger than negativity.

3784f3b622c4b034216572d5032da72f10. “you think you deserve this pain, but you don’t”

at times we’ve all believed we deserve our disordered thoughts.

that we’ve done something wrong and deserve to be punished.

we haven’t.

the pain of an eating disorder, the pain of depression and the pain of self-harm are not targeted for you.

you deserve to be happy, pain isn’t part of the package.

so what’s the moral of the story, you may ask?

let’s surround ourselves with messages of self-kindness, and positive motivation.

today is a new day, carpe diem.

you are beautiful.

you deserve positive inspiration.

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