“anorexia: breaking the silence” a documentary preview

eating disorders have one characteristic in common.

no, it’s not the weight loss.

no, it’s not “a teenage disease.”

eating disorders are silent killers. 

according to neda, eating disorders kill 4.0 percent of those with anorexia, 3.9 percent of those with bulimia and a staggering 5.2 percent with an eating disorder not otherwise specified (ednos.)

think about it: five out of every 100 people will die because of an eating disorder.

five will die because they chose to remain silent.

because they chose to not speak up.

i’m here to change that.

i’m here to tell my story.

a few months ago, i published a piece called “refeeding syndrome: my story” and it took off.

i was astonished to see how many people viewed and connected with my story.

i’m back to tell the entire thing, but this time, as a documentary.

director and youtuber, celia werner approached me about producing a piece on my struggles with anorexia and decision to pursue recovery.

i was nervous to show my face at first, but felt the project could reach people in a way my blog never could.

the project is done.

the story has been told.

the face on the camera is mine.

in the coming weeks, my story will be published in segments and i’ll further explain my thoughts in writing.

here’s the sneak peek of the upcoming special: “anorexia: breaking the silence”

you are beautiful.

you deserve to break the silence.


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