1200 calorie diet

you're walking a fine line between life and death.

you’re walking a fine line between life and death.

1200 calories.

divide that number by three and you get 400.

400 calories per meal.

no liquid calories.

no snacking.

you just need to eat 1200 calories.

you just need to lose weight.

sound familiar?

any of this ring a bell?

it looks like a lot when you write it out: 1200 calories.

it’s like receiving a monthly allowance and feeling like you can buy the world.

you have so much control.

you can spend those calories on anything.


so wrong.

1200 calories isn’t a magic calorie value to make you lose weight, it’s a dangerously low number which can harm your body in ways you never imagined.

for the average woman, 2000 calories are required for normal life to be carried out.

your body burns calories by just staying alive, so that’s not counting any exercise at all.

so what’s the big deal?

why does counting calories get me in trouble if i’m seeing results?

isn’t that the point?

think of 1200 calories as a magical line:

stay above it and you’re going to feel more energized, your organs will function better.

but fall below it and you’re setting yourself up for some serious damage in the long-run.

so what do i know about any of this anyways?

it’s called starvation mode.

i’ve lived through it and trust me, it’s terrible.

starvation mode is when your body is in a caloric deficit.

basically you haven’t been eating enough so your natural reaction is to retain whatever you let your body have.

ever notice how you’ve been dieting and then give yourself a “cheat day” and you feel bloated by the end of the day and it lasts for the next few days?

that’s the beginning signs of starvation mode.

it’s why all diets fail.

the minute you start restricting, you’re putting your body “in the red” and the only way to make it “to the green” is to start feeding your body correctly.

but what does any of this have to do with me eating 1200 calories a day?

your body needs more than that.

that’s the simple answer.

by letting yourself retain anything less than 1199, you’re just asking for serious health problems.

i didn’t say eat, i said retain less than 1199 calories.

there’s a huge difference.

by starving yourself now, later you could develop problems with your thyroid, menstrual cycle, bone density, vision and even the ability to have children someday.

after battling anorexia for over five years, i already have many of these problems.

it’s terrible.

i’m dependent on a pill to make my metabolism work, my bones have been weakened and when i’m older, it’s going to be very difficult for me to become pregnant.

maybe you’re eating 1200 calories a day now.

maybe you’re eating less than that.

it’s never too late to change.

the human body is insanely strong and can recover from just about anything.

you just have to give it the ability to recover.

strive to eat more than 1200 calories a day.

i know it’s hard.

i know it’s really hard.

but it’s possible.

you’re too smart to believe the lies about calorie restriction.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to not walk the 1200 calorie line.


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