bad days don’t call for suicide

often times you feel alone and it seems you're the only one that doesn't have a perfect body. have no fear, there are 3 billion other women who might not be "runway ready," but are equally as beautiful.

often times you feel alone and it seems you’re the only one that doesn’t have a perfect body. have no fear, there are 3 billion other women who might not be “runway ready,” but are equally as beautiful.

bad days.

we all have them.

we wish we didn’t.

for any “joe shmoe,” a bad day is just a wrinkle in his shirt.

it’s no fun in the moment but after a good night’s sleep, everything is better.

for someone with an eating disorder, depression or anyone suffering from self-harm: a bad day is more than a day.

a bad day is hating yourself on a deeper level than normal.

a bad day is wishing you were dead. and meaning it.

a bad day is bringing a razor to your skin, purging into the toilet, writing one final letter…

a bad day makes you feel like everyone is against you.

before i go any further, just understand i know how it feels.

i understand the pain you’re feeling.

i know the feelings you can’t put into words.

if today is one of those dark days and you’re feeling alone, i’m talking to you.

you are not alone.

but take heart in the fact that this is only one day.

tomorrow is a new fresh page for you to write a new story on.

this day, or any bad day in the future, is not what defines you.

in my personal struggles with anorexia, i began to look to self harm to cope with my depression.

i would cut myself and then feel so ashamed afterwards.

even this past summer, over a year into recovery, i slipped back into old habits.

my dad saw my wrists and understood.

he just hugged me and let me cry.

sometimes it’s ok to cry and just be upset.

it’s a normal reaction to a very real feeling we all experience.

whether your sadness was triggered by looking in the mirror, seeing a picture of yourself or simply not making it to the gym: you’re allowed to be sad.

so now i know what you’re thinking:

tell me how to “snap out of it.”

tell me how to stop feeling like this.

there unfortunately isn’t a perfect answer.

there isn’t a formula for happiness that you can plug variables into and achieve the desired results.

but there are ways to make yourself smile.

love music?

check out charlie puth, he’s a youtube artist that was on “ellen” and does really great covers of top 40 hits.

love baby animals?

check out bored panda‘s “30 baby animals that will make you go aww.” it’s the perfect amount of adorable to put a smile on your face.

sometimes just trying to distract yourself with something happy can raise your spirits.

but if that doesn’t work, know you’re worth more than a bad day.

you’re worth more than the negative thoughts in your head.

you’re worth more than giving up.

if you, or someone you care about, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call the suicide hotline:


you are beautiful.

you deserve to stay alive.


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2 thoughts on “bad days don’t call for suicide

  1. Valerie Feldman October 10, 2013 at 9:58 am Reply

    You are doing such a wonderful thing in reaching out to so many people who need to hear just what you’re saying…keep that up, for you have surely found a calling in this.


    • emifeldman October 10, 2013 at 5:50 pm Reply

      thanks so much 🙂


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