Monthly Archives: June 2013

model my diet


i just found this website:

model my diet

and thought it was an amazing tool i had to share with you all.

“model my diet” is a site that allows you to personalize your starting weight, height and allows you to see what you will look like at a new weight.

you can even make the model look like you.

come on, that’s pretty cool….

i love this because sometimes we all get wrapped up in a distorted body image but this site gives you a realistic view of what your goal weight looks like on you.

i’m actually the most excited.

maybe you could tell….?

check it out and play around with the site.

i promise you won’t be disappointed.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to use technology.


fortune cookie wisdom


sometimes inspiration comes in the funniest of places.

sometimes fate steps in and gives you a tidbit of wisdom that you need in that very moment.

sometimes I admit that a fortune cookie can occasionally be correct.

sometimes that happens today.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to find cookies with fortunes.

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