mirror, mirror on the wall

mirrors don't lie. they don't show you what you want to see; only the truth.

mirrors don’t lie. they don’t show you what you want to see; only the truth.

you live by what you see in the mirror.

i know because i do it too.

so many times you think to yourself:

“i wish my hips were smaller.”

“i wish my arms were more toned.”

“i wish my hair was shinier.”

everyday, we all constantly scrutinize the image that stares us back.

everyday, we become frustrated and angry with the image we see.

everyday, someone decides to end their life because of what she sees.

that alone breaks my heart.

but what truly makes me upset is the emphasis society has placed upon our physical reflection.

we have been trained from an early age to find the flaws on our own bodies.

i can personally remember seeing my mother stand in front of a full length mirror and pointing out everything that was “wrong with her physical appearance.”

nothing pleased her and she would often say “mommy is too ‘fluffy’ to wear that.”

i was only 4 years old and those moments are engrained in my mind.

my mother was in her early 30s and was beautiful. she was thin and looked about 5 years younger than she really was.

yet she still found flaws in herself.

this is something we all do constantly: never will we be good enough or happy enough with what we see.

but there’s one thing the mirror doesn’t reflect: the person that is inside.

the soul that truly defines each of us and makes us who we are isn’t represented.

what if instead of looking at the outside, you looked at the person’s heart instead.

what if we all tried doing that.

wouldn’t life be that much kinder?

i challenge you to look beyond the image you see in the mirror and start looking at the person on the inside.

you might be surprised what you find.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to look inside.


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3 thoughts on “mirror, mirror on the wall

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  3. Sasha May 9, 2013 at 1:47 pm Reply

    The problem is that when I look at the person inside I see a horrible weak person. It is easier to focus on the outside but than, that is why I am in therapy… to face that person inside and somehow learn to accept her.


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