body comparisons as an anorexic

you do it everyday.

i do it everyday.

body comparisons are incredibly triggering for someone suffering from anorexia.

seeing someone thinner than you hurts.

seeing someone with anorexia who is thiner hurts even more.

it makes the disease scream louder in your ear.

it makes you feel like your worthless.

for those of you without an eating disorder: be thankful.

be thankful you’ve never experienced these thoughts.

be thankful you can walk in public without feeling the entire world is looking at you and thinking:

“she’s so fat. she’s so ugly. poor girl.”

now that i’m in recovery, i can notice the negativity of my thoughts.

i’m trying to learn these thoughts aren’t true.

this video was created from my personal memories.

this is what it was like living in my head when i was anorexic.


my message to you if you’re suffering: you’re not alone.

i was there.

i told ana she did not own my life anymore.

the courage to silence the negativity and end the comparisons is there inside you.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to end the physical comparisons.


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3 thoughts on “body comparisons as an anorexic

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