pretty as the picture

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pop quiz time:

on a scale of 1 to 10, just how comfortable are you with yourself.

you don’t need to answer out loud. this isn’t a test, you aren’t being graded on your answer.

just be honest with yourself.

how do you really feel about the person you are?

for some of you, i bet the first thing you thought of were your actions.

you deemed your self-worth based off of the charities you’ve volunteered for or the random acts of kindness you’ve recently performed.

for some of you, the first thing you thought of were your recent achievements.

maybe you’ve just gotten accepted into your dream school or maybe you’ve just been recognized as an outstanding athlete, and that’s how you’re deeming “self-worth.”

for some of you, i know the first thing you thought of was your physical appearance.

i’ll be honest, that’s what i thought of.

you deemed your self-worth off of the flatness of your stomach or the number sewn onto the tag of your jeans.

why is that?

why do you think that way?

why do i think that way?

if you haven’t, look at the slideshow at the top of this post.

take a moment and read those statistics.

let them all sink in.

wanna know a secret: i didn’t make those up.

those are not written out to just to be entertaining.

they’re true. every last one.

the society we live in has taught us to think that way.

the society we live in has taught us lie after lie after lie.

the society we live in expects us to believe those lies and treat them as truth.

no longer does the phrase “there is no one like you” ring true.

with the increase in popularity over plastic surgery, you are literally paying a doctor to have him strip you of the very characteristics that make you unique.

never thought of it that way, did you?

everything from advertisements, toys and even disney movies can be viewed as propaganda promoting this unrealistic way of life.

i decided to get another person’s opinion on the matter of fitting stereotypes, the mold and the broken society we all live in.

in this video interview, the girl speaking is not myself nor has she ever had an eating disorder.

yet, she recognizes the false teachings plastered at every turn.

she does not want to become part of another statistic.

you do not want to become part of another statistic.

i do not want to become part of another statistic.

i challenge you to look beyond the models’ pictures in the magazines, the tiny mannequins’ frames at the mall and the edited advertisements you see on t.v. and begin to see yourself for what you really are:

perfect and one of a kind.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to be your own statistic.


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4 thoughts on “pretty as the picture

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  3. Sasha April 14, 2013 at 9:43 am Reply

    I sometimes read fashion magazines but, you know, for the fashion. I am not triggered by models or advertising. I’m lucky and actually see very little outside of magazines because of internet access TV (netflix, itunes, etc). When I see models I know they are genetically different. It’s when I see other anorexics that I get triggered because I know I am not as small as they are and it makes me feel like a failure.


  4. […] reading so many staggering stereotypes for my last blog post “pretty as the picture,” i decided to create this video to inspire and inform. while i am not the girl being interviewed, i […]


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