body comparisons

mirrors don't lie. they don't show you what you want to see; only the truth.

mirrors don’t lie. they don’t show you what you want to see; only the truth.

imagine you’re looking in the mirror.

what’s the first thing you look at?

your favorite feature? your “biggest flaw?”

i know personally, i look right to my trouble areas.

after all, i am my own worst enemy.

everyone has something she’d like to change about herself.

her hair, her clothes, her pants size…

someone with an eating disorder has a laundry list of things she’d “needs” to change about herself.

her collar bones that don’t show enough, her hip bones that are hiding when she stands up, her thigh gap that could be wider…

society has molded us into creatures of competition and comparison.

for some, it stemmed from your parents comparing your achievements to those of your older sibling:

“why can’t you get an A in biology? it was so easy for morgan…”

for others, it began in friend groups:

“let’s all try and see who can lose the most weight before school ends. winner gets the best bikini body…”

but for some of you, the pressure was self instigated:

“i need to become a size 0 or no one will like me. people are already embarrassed of me because i’m so fat and ugly…”

competition is healthy, in moderation.

comparisons are normal, it’s human nature.

however, someone with an eating disorder will take the idea of body comparison to an extreme level.

normal activities, which are done everyday, become terrifying and pressuring.

choosing an outfit in the morning can seem like a struggle.

often times it seems no matter what you put on, you’re going to look fat.

you scrutinize every portion of your frame and look for the flaws:

“my stomach doesn’t look flat enough in these pants.”

“this shirt shows every fat roll on my body.”

eating in public is a nightmare that is avoided at all costs.

you’re afraid of what people will think once they see you eat.

“they’ll think i’m a pig because i’ve eaten so much.”

“what if they’re looking at my stomach? it’s already so bloated.”

school is a struggle almost everyday.

walking down the hallways, you suck in your stomach so people will think you’re thinner than you really are.

sitting in class, you tuck your pants over your lower stomach to hide anything that might spill over.

you look at the skinny girls, the popular girls, the pretty girls everyday.

for once you just want to look like them.

for once you just want to be beautiful.

in your eyes, you’ll never be good enough.

no matter what you do, no one will ever accept you because you don’t deserve it.

and that’s where you’re wrong.

that’s where i’m wrong.

you are not ugly; society is for making you believe that you are.

no matter how many times you compare yourself to the models in the magazines or the girls in the hallways, you won’t magically turn into them.

tried it. it’s not that easy.

there’s something beautiful and unique about each and every one of you.

i firmly believe this.

you are kind, you are smart and you are strong.

i know you won’t believe this but there is someone right now wishing she could be you.

wishing to have your body. wishing to have your smile. wishing to have your hair.

crazy, huh?

i challenge you to stop comparing yourself to others and start thinking about how amazing you are.

there’s no one quite like you so why be a duplicate?

you are beautiful.

you deserve to not compare your body.


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