i have a pinterest addiction.

i should probably go into rehab soon before i decide to become a hermit and live only through my “pins.”

ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration…

for those of you with pinterest accounts, you know there’s everything from food to weddings to clothes to quotes on that site.

i know, pinterest has it going on.

i adore the clothing category.

if i found a genie in a bottle, i would ask for a closet made up of my pinterest pinned clothes.

unfortunately, the odds of me finding a genie are even slimmer than me having the money to purchase all of these clothes.

alas, a girl can dream.

apart from the glamourous clothing, the women modeling the clothes are equally as beautiful.

sometimes, i find myself wishing i had the models legs or her toned body and completely forget about the clothes she’s trying to get me to buy.

for as much as i love pinterest, i hate how insecure it makes me feel about my own body.

however, yesterday i was on the site and as i was looking at my home page, i came across this quote:

stop hating yourself for what you aren’t and start loving yourself for what you are.”

i literally stopped scrolling and just stared at my screen.

wasn’t it just five minutes ago that i thought, “i’ll never be able to wear that top and make it look as good as that girl,” and now i have this inspiration looking at me?

everything is about perspective.

everything is about preference.

what is beautiful to someone might not be to another.

so stop wishing you had straight hips and could zap away your curves.

i can promise you someone loves to watch you walk.

*wink wink*

stop wishing you could have a perfectly flat stomach.

marilyn monroe didn’t.

google pictures of her.

she had the body of a real woman and was absolutely stunning.

stop looking at your flaws, and start embracing all the wonderful features you possess.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to love who you are.


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