11 pounds

take a guess: what do doctors consider to be the definition of an eating disorder?

what is the weight needed to be diagnosed with anorexia?

what is the weight needed to be diagnosed with bulimia?

is it 120 lbs?

is it 95 lbs?

is it 86 lbs?

doctors have concluded there is no “standard weight” to base a diagnois of an eating disorder off of.

it’s a weight loss which categorizes these diseases.

11 lbs.

11 lbs of self-induced weightloss instigated by purging, starvation or excessive exercise.

that’s it.

only 11 lbs.

11 lbs leading to depression.

11 lbs leading to self-harm.

11 lbs leading to a death from the inside out.

doctors have finally understood you don’t have to look like a skelton to suffer from an eating disorder.

anyone can be fighting with anorexia or bulimia, regardless of her outside appearance.

all eating disorders are serious.

all unhealthy weightloss is dangerous.

these diseases are nothing to play with and quickly snowball into something much more serious than just skipping breakfast.

if you, or someone you know are suffering from an eating disorder, depression or self-harm, please click this link

you are beautiful.

you deserve to know the facts.


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