tasting calories

“You don’t even taste the food anymore, all you taste are calories.”

you go to your favorite restaurant and sit down.

everyone around you looks at the entree they feel is the most delicious.

you scour the menu for the lowest calorie option.

you try and calculate nutritional values mentally.

eating is no longer fun, it’s something you do to stay alive.

you can’t taste beyond the calories.

don’t let calories, fat content or sodium get you down: your body needs these to stay fueled.

you body needs this to survive.

i know it’s hard but treat yourself every once and a while.

don’t burn off the calories you just took in.

don’t purge. i know it’s hard.

for a great reference, click here for a link to the “eat this not that” website.

it’s filled with hundreds of easy swaps to make eating fun again.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to look beyond the calories.


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