national eating disorder awareness week

Imagethis week is national eating disorder awareness week.

the week that the entire world recognizes your daily personal struggle.

the week the entire world acknowledges the cross you bare.

all week, events are held to acknowledge eating disorders and countless stories are shared to inspire change.

the empire state building lights up blue, green and white to show support.

dove participates with an inner beauty campaign.

facebook is filled with statuses and links shedding a light on these prevelant issues.

but why does this only have to be one week?

over 2 million women and 1 million men suffer from eating disorders in the united states alone.

that means 1 in 5 people suffer from an eating disorder.

for one week out of the year, the idea of self beauty is preached.

“you’re beautiful just the way you are.”

“don’t let others influence your perception of yourself.”

“inner-beauty outshines outer-beauty anyday.”

why do we only hear these ideas once a year.

people magazine displays perfect bodies on every cover.

while promoting celebrities to sell their product, the magazine is also selling a cookie cutter image of what you should look like.

this leaves you feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

like you need to change who you are to fit in.

you don’t.

you’re perfect just the way you are.

eating disorders are a life threatening mental illness.

are the tabloids to blame for this?

no. i wish they could be blamed.

who is to blame for this growing problem?

no one.

it’s not a choice to develop an eating disorder.

anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, self-harm… are not fashion statements.

these diseases are not an attention getter.

those effected try to hide their problems and their symptoms.

feelings of embarrassment and self-conciousness follow them.

eating disorders are serious and real problems.

i challenge you to make every week “national eating disorder awareness week.”

to not let the world forget about this “silent killer.”

this week is “national eating disorder awareness week.”

to the world this is just one week.

to you this is your life.

to me, this is my life.

you’re not alone. there’s an entire community of support.

for more information on eating disorders or to take the first step in getting help, click here

you are beautiful.

you deserve to know you are not alone.


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