jennifer lawrence: the true oscar beauty

220px-85th_Academy_Awards_Posterahhhh the oscars.

the night that movies take center stage and the entire world stops to gather around their television set to see just who had that special something to capture the attention of the academy.

it’s also the night that all eyes focus on the fashion of the stars.

“who’s she wearing?”

“can you imagine your jewelry costing that much?”

“he looks so handsome in that tux.”

don’t you wish all conversation stopped there.

don’t you wish you didn’t focus on their physical appearance?

i do.

so often i think thoughts such as:

“she has gained so much weight.”

“her skin doesn’t look as good as it did last year.”

“why did she choose that dress, her arms look gigantic.”

however, after all is said and done, i’ve been extremely proud of one actress.

one actress has thumbed the tabloids and the snide remarks made about her physical appearance.

one actress is the role model of thousands of teenage girls and women alike.

jennifer lawrence.

jennifer-lawrence-oscars-2013-red-carpetat the red carpet, she wore a light pink strapless dress. it was simple and innocent and stunning.

but what blew me away was her confidence.

her ability to believe in her beauty.

her real woman beauty.

jennifer is different than other movie stars.

she isn’t a size 0.

she has hips.

she is a fit, healthy and beautiful woman.

lawrence has gotten upset about having her body airbrushed in magazine cover post-production.

as you can see in this before and after from a glamour campaign, lawrence’s body is completely transformed.

even her face shape is changed.

no wonder women are constantly chasing an unrealistic body image.

as jennifer has shown us, it doesn’t exist.

personally, i couldn’t be more proud of her last night.

she allowed a dress to show she is a real woman.

she allowed the world to see she’s proud of who she is.

she’s allowed the world to see she’s comfortable in her own skin.

she’s proving to women that all bodies are beautiful.

she’s proving that you are beautiful.

she’s proving you deserve to love the body you have.


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