february 14th

ahh, valentine’s day.

some people love it for the candy, the colors, “the love…”

some people hate it.

whatever your personal stance on the day, i wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the topic on everyone’s mind:


practically since halloween, stores have been marketing valentine’s day decorations, cards, jewelry, novelties, clothing, stuffed animals…

practically since halloween, the media has been pushing the idea that you must be “finding love” and have a “special someone” to share your time with.

but never does the media promote self-love.

never does the media remind you that you are doing fine on your own.

never does the media tell you that you’re already good enough.

constantly you are bombarded with images and propaganda that there is something wrong with how you are. that you aren’t worthy of any thing good.

“lose ten more pounds and you’ll be beautiful.”

“clearer skin will make men find you appealing.”

“wear this brand of clothing and you’ll look sexy.”

just take a look at any magazine cover. they are trying to sell you a “quick fix” to your own physical “problems.”

where does that leave you?

no matter what you do, no matter how you dress, no matter how clear your skin is: according to the media, you’ll never be “good enough.”

it breaks my heart that you believe the messages the media feeds you.

it breaks my heart that i believe the messages the media feeds me.

now we’re coming full circle. i promise this is actually about valentine’s day…

everyone wants to feel loved. everyone wants to feel appreciated.

that’s just how it is.

so the question of the hour: how can you expect another person to love you when you don’t love yourself?

it’s impossible.

trust me, i’ve tried.

love is a delicate process. it requires patience, trust, understanding and commitment.

how can you expect another human being to be patient, trustworthy, understanding, and committed to you, if you can’t do that to yourself?

it’s impossible.

self-respect comes from within and is returned when it becomes visible to the outside world.

but remember, you are loved. your family loves you. your friends love you. your dog loves you.

appearance and relationship status has nothing to do with it.

however, your love for yourself translates into the world and, when that “special someone” comes around, it will be reflected to you.

so i challenge you on this valentine’s day to focus on yourself.

love yourself. trust me: you’re worth love.

love yourself first and i promise, this year will be different than the rest.

love who you are first and show the media you’re better than their misconstrued messages.

you are beautiful.

you deserve your love.


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