time travel

i was recently looking at some photos of myself for an upcoming “throwback thursday.”

as i was remembering the captured moment, i couldn’t help thinking:

until time travel exists, live each day with no regrets.

until time travel exists, live each day with no regrets.

“wow. i looked so happy.”

happiness is a good thing.

everyone should experience happiness.

but as i got to more recent pictures, i saw the happiness go away and the eating disorder show through.

i noticed how thin i was and how beautiful i looked.

and i continued to remember how miserable i was, in the moment.

i remembered how i wished i was dead and that i would not wake up the next morning.

i remembered the pain i felt.

time travel is a funny thing, that humans have contemplated for centuries.

what if we had the ability to go back and relive events with the knowledge we know now?

as amazing as that would be, it doesn’t exist.

there is no magical invention that will let any of us have a “do over.”

that’s why we have to live in the moment and enjoy everyday.

someday we’ll be older and looking back on right now, maybe on this very day.

do you want to remember the good or be filled with regrets?

maybe science will allow us to time travel in the future.

however, until that day comes, live your life in a way that you’ll be proud of, when you’re looking back.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to have no regrets. 

summer body doesn’t mean summer starving

i love summer.

you love summer.

i think it’s safe to say most people love the extra sunshine and the warmer weather.

b0d6fcaf01821cd7f0498b8e5e5fd379but, summer can be incredibly difficult for someone suffering from, or recovering from, an eating disorder.

the clothes get thinner, the clothes get smaller and swimsuit season is here.

speaking as a woman, bikini season is stressful enough, but throw an eating disorder on there and it gets even more complicated.

like so many with anorexia, bulimia or ednos, i suffer from bdd or body dysmorphic disorder.

bdd magnifies “body imperfections” and mass it difficult to function sometimes because a person becomes obsessed with their “flaws.”

this makes wearing shorts, tank tops and, you guessed it: swimsuits really challenging.

no matter what someone tells me, i still view myself in a way in which everyone else doesn’t.

no matter what people say, i still view myself as very overweight.

it’s not just me, many people feel this way.

you might even feel this way.

it’s because so many people share these thoughts i believed this post was necessary.

over the past few weeks, my twitter feed has been filled with anon accounts challenging each other the fast and achieve a “perfect summer body.”

“summer starving equals a summer body.”

i’ve been there.

i’ve done that.

it doesn’t work.

no matter how much weight you lose, you’ll never be truly happy with your weight.

there will always be “one more pound” to lose.

there will always be “one jean size smaller” to fit into.

love your body; it's already perfect.

love your body; it’s already perfect.

but you’ll never get this summer back.

trust me, i’ve wasted so many summers saying no to bbq’s in the backyard and “maybe another time” to a scoop of ice cream with friends; all because i was afraid to gain weight.

all because i was afraid to not have the “perfect summer body.”

let me tell you something: you already have the perfect beach body.

you already look amazing.

wanna know how i know?

because it’s your body.

you are perfect just the way you are and therefore, your body is perfect just the way it is.

i challenge you to make the most of summer 2014 and enjoy every minute.

everything is fine in moderation, so say yes to your favorite summer treat once in a while.

you already have a “flawless figure.”

you are beautiful.

you deserve to enjoy that ice cream cone.


10 examples of positive recovery inspiration

i’ve said this many times before:

i’m a pinterest addict.

while i was browsing recovery boards, i noticed there were some tagged posts that weren’t conducive to a recovering mind.

recovery is a difficult time when you’re trying to set new habits and change old ways of thinking.

you’re there now.

i’m there now.

so, i decided to compile ten of my favorite positive recovery inspirations from pinterest and post them here.

you're amazing. i mean it.

1. “you are a survivor and that is amazing”

you are changing your life.

you are changing your thoughts.

you could have given up, but you’re choosing to stay strong and keep going.

you’re an inspiration.

i mean it.

recovery is amazing and so are you.


b1b807a4d05013d57b52c954342d6c592. “one of the hardest things was learning i was worth recovery.” -demi lovato

demi has inspired thousands of people around the world through speaking openly about her struggles with self-harm and her bulimia.

i believe this is truly the hardest concept to accept while changing myself:

everyone is worth life and recovery.

that includes you, promise.

4d5f3d85803528933952ae31a3cfbdf13. “life is to short for self-hatred and celery sticks”

with bikini season right around the corner, summer is a very triggering time to be in recovery.

the urge to restrict and starve is very overwhelming.

sometimes it seems easier to say “no” to the ice cream cone and say “yes” to an empty stomach.

i challenge you to love yourself this summer.

i promise, someone is wishing they could have your body this summer.

411ff9e9a8a211f22c1a15b7907824094. “sometimes what looks like the end is really a wonderful new beginning”

someone told me once:

“you can’t move forward until you hit rock bottom.”

i completely agree, 100 percent.

sometimes hope comes to us in the strangest of ways.

sometimes hope comes to us in the strangest of times.

sometimes just as you’re ready to give up, just as you’re ready to give up hope:

a new beginning is presenting itself to you.

there’s more to life than the checkered flag at the end of the race.

8cbb2561bcb5bbc5cc5b3e2ec955222d5. “i will smile because i am alive another day… and because i’m one step closer to being happy and healthy”

counting calories may seem just as natural as breathing.

starving your body may seem just as familiar as blinking.

today, i challenge you to to feed your body and feed your soul.

fill up your tummy with good nutrients and fill up your mind with kind thoughts.

you’ve been given a gift of a new day; smile and be joyful.

db224d79dc6626b15ac83aaf67671b956. “relapse is not the same thing as failure. the only possible way to fail is to give up”

we all will mess up.

it’s part of being human and learning.

relapse is a very real thing, and each of us will go back to our old ways and thinking at some point.

don’t give up just because you have a bad day.

one bad day doesn’t equal a bad life; try again tomorrow.

7f2dcb988da09d670deb711f4c2744e57. “the moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. don’t give up”

imagine the most difficult moment of your life so far.

got it?

think about what happened later.

*spoiler alert: things got better.*

trust me, i know.

nothing stays bad forever, miracles are right around the corner.

your life is a miracle, so it’s time to start believing in them.

860382171cc862779eae5294951bf50a8. “everyday may not be good… but there is something good in everyday”

we all have bad days.

eating disorder or not, it’s life.

however, it’s about how we view bad days that allow us to change our perspective.

you can’t always choose how things go, but you can choose how you approach life.

maybe it’s raining and you have to wait for the bus.

but maybe there are beautiful tulips planted right next to the bus stop.

there’s good in everything and everyone.

seek and you shall find.

9b0f2d11817f5674ef02eb3c77e0be169. “the enemy does not stand a chance when its victim decides to survive” -rae smith

in this case, the enemy is you mind.

your negative thoughts, your anger and self-hate: they’re all plotted against you.

but recovery is the hero.

you’ve chosen to side with the right side and are proving the enemy wrong everyday.

you’re a survivor.

you’re stronger than negativity.

3784f3b622c4b034216572d5032da72f10. “you think you deserve this pain, but you don’t”

at times we’ve all believed we deserve our disordered thoughts.

that we’ve done something wrong and deserve to be punished.

we haven’t.

the pain of an eating disorder, the pain of depression and the pain of self-harm are not targeted for you.

you deserve to be happy, pain isn’t part of the package.

so what’s the moral of the story, you may ask?

let’s surround ourselves with messages of self-kindness, and positive motivation.

today is a new day, carpe diem.

you are beautiful.

you deserve positive inspiration.


a semicolon is a powerful grammatical tool: it shows there was a potential to quit writing, but the author chose to keep moving forward.

a semicolon is a powerful grammatical tool: it shows there was a potential to quit writing, but the author chose to keep moving forward.

a semicolon is a continuation of a thought, where one could previously ended.

a semicolon is a a symbol that you could have stopped fighting, but you’re still here.

a semicolon is going to unite thousands this week.

last year, the semicolon project was born.

a group of people got together and tweeted out a simple black and white poster, asking anyone who wanted to draw a semicolon on his wrist, to show support.

the responses were overwhelming.

the goal was to have “anyone who self harms, is suicidal, depressed, has anxiety, is unhappy, going through a broken heart, just lost a loved one, etc.” draw a semicolon on her wrist.

one year later, it’s still that simple.




on wednesday, april 16th, draw a semicolon on your wrist.

that’s it.

draw a semicolon.

no flash facebook status, no bright colors:

just a little semicolon on the inside of your wrist.

by drawing a semicolon, you’re proving you are the author of your own life and where your sentence could have ended, you decided to keep going.

you decided to keep writing your story.

i decided to keep writing my own story.

the author could have ended, but chose not to. the author is you and the sentence is your life.

the author could have ended, but chose not to. the author is you and the sentence is your life.

by drawing a semicolon on your wrist, this wednesday, you’re showing support for a community larger than yourself.

you’re showing support to the boy in your language class.

you’re showing support to your boss at work.

you’re showing support for yourself.

take a stand with me and participate in the semicolon project this week.

if you do participate, tweet a picture to @RecoveryBeauty, include #semicolonproject416 and i’ll retweet it.

let’s come together on wednesday.

let’s become a stronger community.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to be the author of your life.

“anorexia: breaking the silence” a documentary preview

eating disorders have one characteristic in common.

no, it’s not the weight loss.

no, it’s not “a teenage disease.”

eating disorders are silent killers. 

according to neda, eating disorders kill 4.0 percent of those with anorexia, 3.9 percent of those with bulimia and a staggering 5.2 percent with an eating disorder not otherwise specified (ednos.)

think about it: five out of every 100 people will die because of an eating disorder.

five will die because they chose to remain silent.

because they chose to not speak up.

i’m here to change that.

i’m here to tell my story.

a few months ago, i published a piece called “refeeding syndrome: my story” and it took off.

i was astonished to see how many people viewed and connected with my story.

i’m back to tell the entire thing, but this time, as a documentary.

director and youtuber, celia werner approached me about producing a piece on my struggles with anorexia and decision to pursue recovery.

i was nervous to show my face at first, but felt the project could reach people in a way my blog never could.

the project is done.

the story has been told.

the face on the camera is mine.

in the coming weeks, my story will be published in segments and i’ll further explain my thoughts in writing.

here’s the sneak peek of the upcoming special: “anorexia: breaking the silence”

you are beautiful.

you deserve to break the silence.

back from newsday.com

newsday and newsday.com are publications in the new york metropolitan area. i was a writer for the "towns" section.

newsday and newsday.com are publications in the new york metropolitan area. i was a writer for the “towns” section.

hey everyone!

thank you so much for checking in and not totally forgetting about my page.

as some of you know, i’m a journalism major in college. i recently just finished an internship withe the publication “newsday,” which i loved!

i was published numerous times and i got some really valuable hands-on experience.

unfortunately, i was so busy, i wasn’t able to regularly post.

but have no fear- i’m back!

i’m in collaboration with a director about a documentary on my own battle with anorexia.

it’s almost finished and i’ll be posting it as a series in the coming weeks.

stay tuned for a sneak peak next week.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to know that.

new year’s thoughts

many thanks, emi

many thanks,

as the year comes to a close, i would like to thank everyone who has helped beautiful recovery take off.

what began as a school project, has launched into a global connection of almost 3,000 strong.

i’m so honored to have viewers from all over the world and such a wonderful support system.

your comments, retweets, favorites, pins and shares mean more to me than you know.

you have helped this nyc girl stay strong.

and for that, i’m eternally grateful.

as 2014 begins in just a few days, let’s work together to make this year the best we’ve ever had.

let’s work to encourage each other and be better together.

let’s be better for ourselves.

you are beautiful.

you deserve to know i appreciate you.


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